Water consumption and watering behavior of Przewalski horses

Source: Zoo Biol 17:181-192, 1998
Water consumption by 12 female Przewalski horses (Equus ferus przewalskii) was automatically measured in a semireserve for 17 months. Average daily consumption on a yearly basis was between 2.4 and 8.3 liters, ...
but significant individual variation in water consumption and drinking frequency was recorded throughout the observation period. Individual differences were more clearly detectable during periods of hot and dry weather. Individuals with high water demands initiated herd movements toward watering places independent of their social rank. Discussed as possible reasons for individual differences in water demand are: acquired preferences, distinct food selection, and genetically determined physiological differences. Watering behavior should not be regarded as an important factor only in re-introduction projects, but also with respect to animal welfare in general.

Title: Water consumption and watering behavior of Przewalski horses (Equus ferus przewalskii) in a semireserve
Authors: K. M. Scheibe , K. Eichhorn, B. Kalz, W. J. Streich, A. Scheibe