New jaguar enclosure

Source:, photo by Bardrock
At the start of December in Artis Royal Zoo in Amsterdam, construction began on a new jaguar enclosure. The fabulous new home for the jaguars is being erected at the location of the former maned wolf enclosure. Construction should be completed in 2014.
Many rocks and shrubs will give the jaguars plenty of sheltering options in their new enclosure. In the wild, jaguars like to be near water, and quite often they swim. The new enclosure will also contain a water feature. The animals will also be able to be isolated from one another. This is especially important with young jaguars: the female raises the whelps alone, and a male disturbing the nest can lead to the female killing – and, in the face of danger, maybe even eating – her young.

Such a large investment is not easily financed. Artis can build this enclosure thanks to a large donation from the Stichting Goede Doelen (charitable foundation) Nh1816, of the insurance company Nh1816 Verzekeringen. This donation, together with private support, will make the jaguar enclosure a reality.
Photo license: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0