The way to a pet’s heart is through the stomach

Who doesn't recognize this: offering the dog or cat a treat, just because we love them. However, we often pay no heed to the consequences of those treats. Many dogs and cats are too heavy, even though their owners believe they are of normal weight.
A recent study commissioned by Hill’s Pet Nutrition demonstrated that 70 per cent of owners think that their animal is at the correct weight. However, when the owners are asked to point to a photo of an animal whose weight is most similar to their pet, it turns out that 65 per cent of the dogs and 95 per cent of the cats are overweight. According to a clinical nutrition specialist at the University Clinic for Companion Animals, many owners don’t realise that their animals are (much) too heavy and facing the health risks associated with obesity. Their love is expressed by feeding their animals too much. This is a shame, considering that the animals would be more energetic and better off at a healthy weight.

If there are doubts about the healthy weight for a dog or cat, the veterinarian can advise whether and how the pet can best lose weight. A good step is to stop feeding the animal extra treats, and instead giving it a nice pet and positive attention.