Google Seaview

source:, photo: Google maps
Since the end of September, a small piece of the Great Barrier Reef can be enjoyed from the comfort of our armchairs! Google has launched Seaview: the underwater version of Streetview. Together with the University of Queensland, they are charting the submerged ocean reefs.
Not by a longshot can we view all of the Great Barrier Reef yet. Divers are busily making 360-degree images of the reef, and as many as 50,000 of these panorama images are needed. A small piece is ready now and accessible on the PC. More images will be added as available, so that people can choose a spot for virtual viewing.

There are many reasons to chart the Great Barrier Reef in this way. Scientists, for example, can use the images to study the life in and around the reef. The images are also hoped to raise the consciousness of people who visit the site, as the viewers will see with their own eyes how special the ecosystem is. In turn, this might help protect the reef now and in the future. The link included with this article allows you to take a look at the Great Barrier reef, and to read the blogs of expedition members and see a ‘Fish of the day.’
Click here for a look at the reef
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