Publisher: The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2011
Rabbits: The Animal Answer Guide

Many people know that rabbits and hares are related, but pikas are also part of the family: these lesser-known cousins to rabbits and hares are grouped with them in the order Lagomorpha. These animals are not rodents, as is often assumed.
The book Rabbits: The Animal Answer Guide, contains this information and much more. The authors answer questions about rabbits, hares and pikas. More than ninety questions and answers give the reader more insight into this fascinating group of animals. Another example of the information provided is the fact that baby rabbits are nursed only once a day, making it completely normal for a mother rabbit to ignore her litter most of the time.

Rabbits and other members of the family are viewed from diverse perspectives, not only as treasured pets but also as vegetable garden pests. And despite the fact that rabbits multiply like rabbits, a number of species in the order are endangered. The lagomorph order is also larger than one might think: there are more than 90 species of rabbit, hare and pika, and new species are still being discovered.

Rabbits: The Animal Answer Guide
Susan Lumpkin and John Seidensticker

ISBN-10: 0801897890
ISBN-13: 978-0801897894