Website on genetic deviations

Attention for the effects of genetic deviations on animal welfare has been on the increase, especially in the United Kingdom. The UFAW has set up a website to inform the public about genetic deviations in house pet species.
Ever since the airing of the BBC program ‘Pedigree Dogs Exposed’, interest has grown for the effects of genetic deviations. This interest has been especially pronounced since the appearance of supplementary reports by Professor Bateson (2010) and the Companion Animal Welfare Council.

The UFAW (Universities Federation for Animal Welfare) has now set up a website to inform the general public about this issue. The main target audience is people who own or are considering acquiring a pet. The site contains extensive information about the effects of genetic deviations on animal health and welfare.

Although the website is still being developed, quite a bit of information is already provided on more than forty dog breeds, seven cat breeds, three rabbit breeds, ten varieties of pigeon and two goldfish varieties. Discussions on other mammal breeds and on reptiles and amphibians will follow.
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