Publisher: Wiley and Sons Ltd, 2003 (3rd edition)
Zoonoses: Infectious Diseases, Transmissible from Animals to Humans

Previous editions of this newsletter have contained information about zoonoses: diseases that can be passed from animals to humans or from humans to animals. This book is a reference work for both professionals and those less initiated in this specialism.
The book is written by veterinarians, medical microbiologists and doctors who have plenty of experience with infectious disease. Various topics are discussed, such as the appearance and reappearance of zoonoses, imported zoonoses, food-related zoonoses, biological warfare and xenotransplantation. Modern diagnostic tests, such as PCR and ELISA, used to discover – rare – infections are also named.

The various pathogenic organisms, bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi and prions, are covered. In-depth discussions of zoonose diagnosis, treatment, prevention and epidemiology are of course included.

Title: Zoonoses: Infectious Diseases Transmissible from Animals to Humans
Authors: Hartmut Krauss, Albert Weber, Max Appel, Burkhard Enders, Henry D. Isenberg, Hans Gerd Schiefer, Werner Slenczka, Alexander von Graevenitz, and Horst Zahner
Publisher: Wiley and Sons Ltd, 2003 (3rd edition)
ISBN: 978-1-55581-236-2