WNF Ranger campaign: Save the shark…

Source: Dierennieuws
On March the 5th The WNF started the WNF Ranger campaign “Save the shark…from the net!” This campaign was part of the WNF awareness campaign “Choose a living sea”, which began at the same time.
A campaign for sharks was badly needed, as fishing and bycatch threatens sharks all around the world. Every year, around 100 million sharks are being caught in nets; some with, some without intent.
With this campaign the WNF wants to collect money during the coming months. The funds raised will help fisherman and governments to protect sharks globally. In this way, the WNF is hoping to stimulate sustainable fishing and to put a halt to destructive fishing methods and bycatch.

Thus, a large piece of sea on the coast of West Africa has been declared a nature reserve. In addition, fishing nets are adapted to make sure that less sharks get caught on accident. Apart from sharks, other animals also profit from this measure, for example the sea turtle.