Himalayan monal

Source: dierenparkamersfoort.nl
One night earlier this year in DierenPark Amersfoort, two Himalayan monals were killed by a predator, most likely a fox. Previous to her death, the female bird had laid two eggs, so these were left orphaned.
Because earlier eggs from the parental pair had never hatched, keepers were not optimistic about birds emerging from the orphaned eggs. Still, they placed the eggs in an incubator. One of the eggs, miraculously enough, did indeed hatch. The young female is growing well and can be observed in a safe, adapted enclosure. Extra bars have been installed low to the ground, to prevent predators from entering.

The Himalayan monal chick spent the first weeks of her life with a young peacock. The two chicks kept each other company. The young peacock has now joined the other peacocks in the zoo. A companion of its own species was found for the young Himalayan monal; this male lived for a time in the enclosure next to the female. The animals need to get used to each other, but there is reason to hope that they will form a new Himalayan monal couple.

The male Himalayan monal is very colourful. Feathers on its back are violet and blue; its head and throat more olive green, yellow and red, the tail copper-coloured. The male also has a crest. The female is more camouflaged, brown with black stripes and a white throat.