Tendon injuries in horses

Source: uu.nl
Research from the University of Utrecht shows that the chances that horses recover completely after a tendon injury is considerable higher when the animals are provided with a better therapy than is currently provided.
Good news, because tendon injuries occur a lot, and chances of a complete recovery are usually not that high.
The process of recovery consists of several phases. In the acute phase, the therapy aims at preventing the original trauma to worsen. The tendon could even be immobilized. At a later stage, it is necessary to stimulate the metabolism in the tendon. This will stimulate the production of important materials. According to Bosch, most suitable is a concentration of platelets rich in growing factors. Another therapy has been designed for tendon injuries that heal poorly. By using shock waves to damage the collagen and to stimulate the metabolism, the tendons are giving a new chance for recovery.

The phase of recovery can be determined very accurately by a mathematical analysis of the double image. The quality of the tendon’s recovery can also be determined this way, which allows for individual treatments.

The thesis is entitled: “Towards a staged evidence-based approach for the treatment of tendon injuries in the horse” by Gerco Bosch