Source: Blackwell Publishing, 2003
Diseases of Small Rodents

This guide deals with a number of small rodents that are often kept as pets. Separate chapters deal with chinchillas, chipmunks, degus, gerbils, hamsters, mice and rats.
The guide offers accessible information and practical advice. The information concerning feed, housing and care of small rodents can make sure that the animals get a better treatment and therefore need less visits to the vet. A part of the information is more specifically meant for vets themselves, though.

Each chapter is divided into three parts. The first part is about the feed, the housing and the right care of the animal. The second part deals with several complaints that can be prevented. For example with regard to the skin, the reproduction organs, the breathing system, etc. The third part is meant for vets. It deals with anaesthesia, medication, and care before and after the operation. The last chapter deals with the so called zoonotic aspects of keeping small rodent. It names diseases that can pass onto humans.

Title: Diseases of small domestic rodents
Author: V.C.G. Richardson
ISBN: 1-4051-0921-1